Business Development

IDO offers resource mobilization services designed to help Since its establishment in 1990, IDO has developed a proven track record of successful business development experience, assisting construction companies, manufacturers of goods and equipment, and consulting firms to secure a total of USD 250 million worth of contracts.  We have helped companies in a wide variety of sectors (agriculture, education, energy, environment, health, telecommunications, transportation, water supply and sanitation, etc.) to secure significant contracts funded by:
  • The World Bank
  • The African Development Bank
  • The Asian Development Bank
  • The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • The European Commission
  • The Inter-American Development Bank
  • Various bilateral aid agencies from Europe, North America and Oceania

Information is power - and obtaining complete and accurate information at the earliest possible stage is essential to gaining a competitive advantage. The Internet and public documents are useful tools in that they provide descriptions of many projects financed by international financial institutions (IFIs).  However, companies that are able to establish personal contacts with decision makers in IFIs and officials within implementing agencies benefit from a significant competitive advantage.

IDO's value added is our firm's ability to introduce our clients to these decision makers while also providing early and reliable market intelligence not publicly available, thereby positioning our clients to secure IFI-funded contracts.  IDO also provides each client company with systematic project updates and expert advice on how to successfully pursue contract opportunities

Political Risk Insurance

IDO's president has been selected by the World Bank's Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) as a "business finder".  MIGA provides political risk insurance to private companies investing in developing countries and emerging markets.  IDO's president is authorized to arrange MIGA guarantees with companies from any country in the world.  Interested companies are encouraged to contact IDO for more information.